Thursday, February 16, 2012

Insecticide-treated bednets as an environment friendly method for malaria control

Malaria is a mosquito borne public health problem in some ninety countries worldwide affecting at least 300 million people. It imposes economic burden on families, businesses, health systems, government budgets and is associated with poverty, poor health and malnutrition among children. Among various methods of mosquito control, mosquito nets specially when they are treated with insecticides provide safest, cheapest, effective, free of side effects, environmental friendly and easy to use method which provide both individual and community benefits. Other methods of personal protection like mosquito coils, mats, repellents, liquid vaporisers and insecticides like DDT are associated with hazards to human health or environment. Therefore strategies like social marketing are required to promote the large scale use of insecticide treated bednets.

Key words: Malaria, insecticide treated bednets (ITN), hazards, mosquito repellents

Insecticide-treated Bednets Use as an Environment Friendly Method for
Malaria Control. Authiors: Charu Kohli, Jugal Kishore

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